August release note

Welcome back to the start of the new season 14/15 Football season.
Here at Benchmark54 we have been incredibility busy over the summer break adding new features and singing a lot more clubs. We have also adapted our highly regarded medical and injury application for other sports [detail below].

We are close to announcing a new partnerships with a big name in football, more on that later.

First we are now compatible with Rugby Union and League, Ice Hockey and Field Hockey and have several new clubs joining us in these disciplines.

Second we continue to expand in both League one League two the Championship and the Premiership in Football, we welcome all our new
clients from all leagues. We also welcome a second UK based National team to Benchmark 54.


April release Note

Almost at the end of the season we have been busy producing end of year injury audit data for clubs.
We have released many new changes over April, these are listed below.

1. Improved training booking form.

With have improved this form with a new layout. Intensity has been reduced only 3 values Hard / Medium / Low with next page allowing Load (minutes x exertion) to be added to the whole team or individual players.


March release note

As part of our continuing development with Benchmark54 please find below the latest additions to the website.

Player profile card design changes

It is now possible to add Chronic Conditions, Allergies, TUEs, Medications and Immunisations directly when opening the player medical card.

Brazilian Players

Now support Nicknames for shorter reference on the homepage.

Note Sharing 

When a player leaves the club on loan or permanently notes can be made available for the receiving club with the permission of the parent club and player.


Player Injury definitions.

To provide the most accurate data of any football medical record system it is important that you choose the correct status for your players.

Broadly speaking there are two types of player status; those that affect the player’s availability and those that do not. Choosing the correct status will have an impact on both the player’s individual availability as well as that of the team’s.
It is important at this stage to note the consensus statement relating to the definition of an injury.


February Release Note

This months improvements to the medical record are listed below.

1. New complete forms are now compatible with the Football Research Groups Elite Club Injury audit. 

This will make it easier for those clubs involved with the English Premier League Audit/ UFEA Champions League Audit to collect the relevant injury data. The change are mostly to completing the injury card after adding an injury to a match or training session. The injury card is now divided into 1. Diagnosis (Orchard codes etc) 2. Situation (the circumstances related to the injury) and 3. Outcome (the initial exam note and assessment).

Muscle injury classification: New field used mainly for the FRG thigh injury sub-study.
Initial Examination: allows a quick note to be added to all new injuries with therapies.


Benchmark54 – Now in Spanish

Available in English, Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish

Available in English, Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish

W are pleased to announce that the Benchmark54 Injury Analytics and Medical Record System is now available in Spanish as well as Brazilian-Portuguese and English.

Release Note – January

Happy New Year!

Please find below a detailed explanation for January 2014 release.

1. New Site look. 

We have made some minor changes to the look of the website. These include changes to the homepage,calendar and to the medical notes.

2. Auto-Resolve.

In order to help reduce data entry we have now created an auto-resolve feature. This feature applies only to players who are not fully fit. If one of these players is;

  1. an injured/ill player is selected for the starting 11 when booking a match
  2. an injured/ill player is selected for the bench and is then substituted on
  3. an injured/ill player takes part any form of training other than ‘ Present [Rehabilitation]’

When you select any of these choice for n injured/ill player you will receive a confirmation message. If you do not wish for the player to have the incident resolve click ‘cancel’. (more…)

Ankle Injuries in Football – the power of big data.

A few months ago while we were installing Benchmark54 at an English Premier League Club one the medical staff questioned the usefulness of injury audit. He told me that ‘no two ankle injuries are the same’ and that trying to audit injury data was, in his opinion, of limited use, time consuming and unnecessary.

It reminded me to the passage in Ben Goldacre’s Book – Bad Science – where he explains the story of the Cochrane Collaboration Logo . By relying on personal experience solely to guide our treatment choices rather than the published evidence we are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the Obstetricians cited in the Cochrane example. (more…)

Intratendinous injections why what how

2nd appt t/s

2nd appt t/s

Tendon pain is currently very topical in sports medicine. The problem is the physician or interventional radiologist or orthopaedist now have several dilemmas to contend with. Several years ago we had conservative care (which largely consisted of some sort of partial or full immobilisation with lengthy rehabilitation) or surgical with lengthy rehabilitation. Now we have two new dimensions that of injectable substrate and one of image guidance. Sports medicine has certainly become for more complex and controversial than it was even five years ago. The substrates I am talking about are numerous.