This months improvements to the medical record are listed below.

1. New complete forms are now compatible with the Football Research Groups Elite Club Injury audit. 

This will make it easier for those clubs involved with the English Premier League Audit/ UFEA Champions League Audit to collect the relevant injury data. The change are mostly to completing the injury card after adding an injury to a match or training session. The injury card is now divided into 1. Diagnosis (Orchard codes etc) 2. Situation (the circumstances related to the injury) and 3. Outcome (the initial exam note and assessment).

Muscle injury classification: New field used mainly for the FRG thigh injury sub-study.
Initial Examination: allows a quick note to be added to all new injuries with therapies.

2. Exposure overview page improvements.

This page now loads faster.
New information displayed includes details of external games, ie those outside on the players usual team. An example would be a Under 11 plying in an U 13 match or a 1st team player playing in a reserve match.
We have also highlighted missed training session or matches where the incident (injury or illness) has missing audit data.

3. Health Partners Notification integration

For those teams who use Health Partners we have created a digital version of the ‘Claim Pre-Notification Form’. This is found by selecting the incident and then the ‘New Note’ note tab + ‘Heath Partners’. We are working allowing this from to be sent directly to Health Partners.

4. Radiology.  

Two new improvements here. The choice of examination has now changed and allows the list to be filtered by a search term rather than using the traditional drop down. This allows many more types of investigation to be displayed.

The have been  a number on incidents where Radiology reports have been added in the general SOAP or HxExPlan notes. Radiology results need to be added using the Investigation tab and selecting ‘Radiology Result’. If results are not added this way the information will not be available for audit. So we have now crated an alert when typing a note. If you use a Radiology term in a SOAP or HxExPlan note you will be remained where best to add results.

5. Notes required review. 

There are times where is is important to review a note (such as a Radiology Result or Specialist Letter). Now when adding a general note there is a new button ‘Required Review’. If this button is checked the note will remain at the top on the injury note feed until reviewed.
After reviewing the user and the time of the review are noted and saved in the injury note feed.

Please contact any of the team if you have any questions or suggestions.