As part of our continuing development with Benchmark54 please find below the latest additions to the website.

Player profile card design changes

It is now possible to add Chronic Conditions, Allergies, TUEs, Medications and Immunisations directly when opening the player medical card.

Brazilian Players

Now support Nicknames for shorter reference on the homepage.

Note Sharing 

When a player leaves the club on loan or permanently notes can be made available for the receiving club with the permission of the parent club and player.

Required review note

New feature that allows a note to be marked for review For example hand over to the club medical staff after match cover. Another example would be if the the club admin has added a new MRi result and wants to make sure this is seen. A red alert sign will appear beside the player on the homepage. Once the note is marked as reviewed this alert will disappear.

Investigation Notes/ Health Partners

Notes for investigations have been simplified which one form making it much easier. We also have integration with the Health Partners Claim Pre-Notification Form.

Homepage РSeason Selector. 

Stats on the homepage will now change depending on the season selected.


The new release for next month will have a dramatic overhaul of the note system. We will have one note for all members of the medical team that will streamline notes and make it faster to record treatments and filter notes.