New features for December 2013

Player Injury Notes: Improvements in Referral letters Referral letters created within Benchmark54 are now able to be downloaded as a PDF file.  To access this feature

  1. navigate to the incident you which to attach the Specialist request to.
  2. from  the drop down menu select ‘ Letter/Docs’ and ‘Specialist Request’
  3. use the search box to find the Specialist or add the name if they are not listed
  4. complete the form
  5. once saved the referral letter appears in the note stream with a link to download as PDF

Training/Match Exposure Grid:  We now show individual players exposure for matches and training though the new ‘Exposure’ icon on the homepage.

  1. complete training and match logs through the calendar.
  2. select the ‘exposure’ icon to see grid of all player exposures.
  3. exposure is shown in minutes.
  4. use mouse over to see the details of any missed events.

Multiple Squad Training:  New feature that allows multiple squads to train at the same time. For example allowing Under-10 and Under-11 to squads to train together without needing to create 2 separate training sessions in the calendar.

  1. book training though the calendar as usual.
  2. in the ‘squads’ field in the booking from to add additional squads.
  3. complete the rest of the from as before.
  4. the training log will now include all players from all the squads selected in the previous page.

Flexible starting team size and match duration:  Another improvement for development squads to allow greater flexibility for different tournament and competition rules.

  1. Minimum duration 10 mins.
  2. Minimum squad size 5 players.
  3. Minimum substitutions = zero.
  4. Maximum substitutions = unlimited.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Remember to follow @Benchmark54 on Twitter to receive news on software updates and Injury Analytics.