Simple Set Up and Integration

  • ManageRegister your organisation or team.
    Add your Squads.
  • CollaborateInvite members of the sports medicine and science team to join you.
  • Collect DataAdd training data, attendance, duration and intensity.
    Upload GPS files. Our system automates match data.
  • ContextRecord physiological, wellbeing, fitness and screening data.
  • Track AvailabilityAdd all injuries and illness and indicate effect on availability.
  • AnalyseLink injuries & illness with other data.
    (e.g. load & other physiological measures)
  • DashboardTrack performance, injury incidence, team and individual player stats through our automated injury analytics dashboard.
  • Review PerformanceReview your year-on-year performance against historical data & league wide comparative data.
  • RearchBe a part of our growing research community.  Raising the standards in teams sports medicine.