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Benchmark54 is an advanced cloud based performance health record. The intuitive system facilitates the collection of all relevant data, to provide clubs and sports organisations with informative analytics to help reduce the impact of injury and illness on performance. Benchmark54 is committed to sports medicine research and is the only electronic system to work collaboratively, with the Football Research Group, who manage the UEFA Champions league injury audit and a similar audit in the English Premier League.

Fast, accurate and coded medical and physio notes: meet all medicoleagal requirements. Intuitive navigation reduces data entry time and free up your clinical time to spend with patients.

Improves communication: changes to a player’s injury status or the additional of new notes or test results are rapidly available to all medical team members so everyone is kept informed.

Reduces costs: comparative analysis allows you to benchmark your teams performance against other clubs helping you to optimise healthcare spending.

Better data sharing: medical records can be freely shared between National and Clubs teams as well as parent and on-loan teams improving player welfare.

Reduce return to play times: with real time injury audit feedback you can gauge the effectiveness of you rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies.

Publish research: Benchmark54 is the only medical record system that has been validated by the football research group and produces research-quality injury information.

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How benchmark54 works

Add your squads (you can add unlimited squads to your account including all your development players)

Invite members of the sports medicine and science team to join you.

Record exposure: training and matches

Record physiological parameters – load, intensity and add GPS data.

Link injuries and illness to exposure

Track performance, injury incidence, team and individual player stats though our automated injury analytics dashboard.

Export: player reports, referral letters, team availability reports and the injury database at any time

Analyse injury and performance trends to tailor your injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies

Review your year-on-year performance against historical data and league wide comparative analysis

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